What Is A Switch Board?

At Deionno Electrical, we can provide fast and efficient switch upgrades Adelaide. Sometimes referred to as a fuse box, power box or power board, an electrical switchboard is the basically the power centre of your home’s electrical supply. Used to safely distribute electricity throughout your residential or commercial property, a switchboard works by relaying electricity though several circuits. This division of power allows the board to control the power flow throughout the property, dividing the main power supply into smaller bursts prior to distribution.

There are several types of electrical switchboard which differ based on their voltage type, insulation medium, operating type, current rating, and construction type. While the switchboard supplies power to different locations around the home, it is not the main supplier of electricity. Switchboards are connected to a greater power source such as a generator and are responsible for distributing that electricity around the home.

Switch Upgrades Adelaide

Why You Should Consider Switch Upgrades Adelaide

Implementing switch upgrades Adelaide when necessary can prevent electrical emergencies and ensure your electrical system is always functioning at it’s best. As technology has advanced over the years, so has the power demand of our modern electrical appliances. Today we use more electrical appliances in our homes than ever, and as older switchboards were specifically designed to handle the power requirements of the electrical appliances of that time, they will not be suitable to the needs of your current electrical demands. This poses all sorts of potential hazards that could harm both your electrical appliances and the residents in your home. Without switch upgrades Adelaide, you run the risk causing an array of electrical emergencies. The biggest problem that could arise from an overloaded switchboard is an electrical fire. You could also put your residents in danger of a potential electric shock.

How Do I Know If I Need An Upgrade?

There are several warning signs to look out for that indicate that it’s time to undergo switch upgrades Adelaide:

  • Flickering Lights: While sometimes flickering can be an indication of a loose light bulb, it can also point to potential loose wiring within your switchboard.
  • Damaged PowerPoints: If you notice any discolouration, burning smell or heat radiating from your PowerPoints, this could be a sign that you switchboard is overloaded.
  • Sparks & Shocks: If you notice sparks or receive a mild electric shock when plugging in or unplugging your electrical appliances, this could be a sign that it is time for switch upgrades Adelaide.
  • Short-circuiting Appliances: If you notice that your electrical appliances are short circuiting and tripping, this could be a tell tale sign of an overloaded switchboard.
  • Strange Sounds: Strange noises that sound like crackling or sizzling coming from your switchboard could be a sign of a major electrical issue.
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