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Deionno Electrical are the leading residential and commercial solar system installers Adelaide, specialising in custom designed systems, batteries, and repairs & maintenance work. Our service is ongoing, helping keep your system functioning at peak performance.

Solar is becoming an increasingly popular alternative as the simplicity of sustainable living is recognised, with a return on investment that is well worth the consideration.

To determine the cost of your system installation, we offer free consultations to evaluate your production needs before coming up with reliable solutions that will sustain energy use within your home or business.

Our solar installers Adelaide keep up to date with the most innovative technology in our field, ensuring our customers have access to a range of the most high-performing systems that fit within the scope of varied budgets. We also stick to products from a network of Australia’s most reputable manufacturers for tried and tested results.

Solar System Installers Adelaide

Customising Your System Through Our Non-Committal Process

There’s a number of variables our solar system installers Adelaide will take into account before customising your system, because we take a more calculated approach to optimise power generation where possible.

Before any commitments are made, our team of solar system installers Adelaide are able to provide you with a comprehensive overview of just how much you can potentially save with your solar, which is determined on the basis of your energy usage, budget and needs. We generate a quote off the back of this information which provides you with details such as:

  • The proposed layout for your panels
  • The details of our recommended system
  • A calculation of the energy production per month
  • An indication of utility costs, both pre and post system installation
  • Financial analysis, with an indication of your potential savings.
  • Environmental analysis, showcasing how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by.

Supplying & Installing Premium-Grade Solar Batteries

Our solar system installers Adelaide also specialise in battery installation, providing you with a complete system set up to maximise the benefits of going green. The purpose of a solar battery is to store any surplus power that has been generated throughout the day, which can be utilised during times when the system is less effective (i.e. night time or during very overcast days).

This enables you to operate more independently, eliminating reliance on resources that get you tied up in fluctuating energy costs. A battery system is a particularly wise investment for businesses that depend on power after hours (such as hospitality and manufacturing) because you’re able to eliminate the risk of letting a black-out impede your operations.

Deionno Electrical is an exclusive supplier of the Tesla Powerwall home batteries, which have a reputation for reliability. Chat to our solar installers to learn more!

Deionno Electrical are the solar system installers Adelaide of choice, helping you dramatically cut back your energy costs, back yourself with a reliable power source during an outage and contribute to a more sustainable future. Contact us on 0417 735 636 today!

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