Our Solar Panel Systems Adelaide

Deionno Electrical is one of South Australia’s leading electrical teams, specialising in solar panel systems Adelaide. Dedication, combined with extensive training and a commitment to the trade, keep the team on top of their game throughout every stage of the solar installation process.

We accommodate the needs of both home and business owners by calculating your energy production and lifestyle needs, before customising a system that fits within the scope of your budget.

Our team only recommend and supply panels and systems from the most reputable manufacturers known across Australia, because our objective is to facilitate optimal performance that leaves you with life-long benefits. This includes Jinko Solar, REC, Fronius, Enphase and more!

Part of our criteria when narrowing down our selection of solar panel systems Adelaide is warranty. Products we supply are backed by a minimum 10-year warranty for financial security, making the investment all the more worthwhile.

Solar Panel Systems Adelaide

Is Solar Really Worth the Investment?

Most people are aware of the growing economic, environmental and personal benefits of going solar. Through industry knowledge and experience, we can verify that making the switch is an unquestionably smart decision for any home or business. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Minimise your carbon footprint
  • Offsetting rising energy costs
  • Receiving a fantastic return on your investment

There’s a number of government rebates available that vary from state to state. As a South Australian owned and operated business, Deionno Electrical stay one step ahead of any changes and ensure staff can break down the information on request.

Currently, there is the STC financial incentive which is available on all new installations. Pricing varies based on how many panels are installed, and which part of SA you’re from. This is worked into your pricing for a point of sale discount.

Choosing Deionno Electrical for Your Solar

Deionno Electrical specialise in all areas of the electrical field, but we’re particularly passionate about the impact we can have on our community through the installation of solar panel systems Adelaide.

Sustainability lies at the forefront of our service, second to safety and quality workmanship. By combining these qualities, we’ve created a streamlined process that ensures you end up with the perfect product for you. This process always begins with a consultation and quote, covering details such as:

  • Proposed panel layout to achieve optimal results
  • Recommended system information, including brand and features
  • An estimation of the monthly energy production
  • Pre and post installation utility costs
  • A Financial analysis for later comparison
  • An Environmental analysis to see just how much you’ve reduced your impact by.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to solar panel systems Adelaide and taking advantage of renewable energy, contact Deionno Electrical on 0417 735 636 today!

Extensive product knowledge, an unrivalled level of attention to detail and genuine commitment to sustainability make Deionno Electrical the best choice for your solar panel systems Adelaide. Call us for your free consultation on 0417 735 636 or send your enquiries through to admin@deionnoelectrical.com.au.

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