Solar Panel Maintenance Adelaide

While solar panel maintenance Adelaide is often overlooked as an unnecessary service, it can mean the difference between your system lasting 12 or 20 years. Installing a solar system for your commercial or residential property is a large investment, however, it is one that can provide a financial return when used to its maximum potential. Without regular solar panel maintenance, the efficiency of your solar system can decrease by almost 20%. This is often the result of dirt accumulation on the panels preventing your system from absorbing the maximum amount of sunlight. Some of the most common solar system malfunctions including power outages and low voltage issues can also be linked to a problem with system functionalities. It is important to hire a professional and licensed electrician to assess your system’s circuits, switches, panels, and AC electricity system to ensure your system is functioning effectively.

Solar Panel Maintenance Adelaide

How We Can Help

At Deionno Electrical, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality solar panel maintenance Adelaide. Solar panel maintenance Adelaide is vital for ensuring the optimum performance of your system. Through our panel cleaning service, we will remove the build-up of debris and dirt on your solar panels to ensure the maximum amount of sunlight can effectively penetrate through. Our advance monitoring systems allow our team to alert you of any performance issues within your system, which acts as a preventative measure to identify any minor issues early on to prevent major damage to your system. Client safety is of the utmost importance to our team, which is why we highly recommended sticking to a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Much like a car, the only way to ensure your solar system is operating safely is through scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance FAQs

How often should I undergo solar panel maintenance Adelaide?

We recommend that your solar panels undergo annual maintenance. At a minimum, you should be contacting a licensed electrician to service your solar system every two years to ensure it is working at its maximum potential.

How long will a scheduled solar system maintenance service take?

Generally, a scheduled solar panel maintenance service will take approximately one hour, depending on size and accessibility. If your system is located at a height that is difficult to reach, we will need to factor in the time to set up the appropriate safety equipment as required.

What maintenance services do you provide at Deionno Electrical?

We offer both basic and full-scale maintenance scheduling for residential and commercial solar clients. We are also qualified to perform panel cleaning, inverter servicing and full system replacements.

If you are overdue for scheduled solar panel maintenance Adelaide on your residential or commercial solar system, the team at Deionno Electrical will ensure your system is reaching its maximum potential. To schedule a maintenance check with us today, contact our team on 0417735636.

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