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You never realise just how much you depend on emergency systems and alarms until it’s too late, so we strongly encourage you to put the right preventative measures in place with smoke detector installation Adelaide from the electrical experts.

Deionno Electrical specialise in both commercial and residential electrical services, offering premium-grade service at an affordable price. We care about our local community and the wonderful network we’ve built, and that’s why smoke detector installation Adelaide is one of our core service offerings.

Smoke alarms have been a compulsory addition to South Australian homes and businesses since 1995—and for good reason. They’re an essential component to fire safety, and you’re nearly 60% more likely to experience property damage or loss without one. Deionno Electrical will make reliable product recommendations, carry out your installation, and run you through all the relevant steps involved with testing and ongoing maintenance.

Smoke Detector Installation Adelaide

What Type of Smoke Alarm Should I look at Getting Installed?

Smoke detector installation Adelaide should typically be carried out every ten years, and any noticeable lag in performance should be immediately addressed. These days, it’s recommended that people consider investing in photoelectric smoke alarms which can detect smoke before any fire is present.

This system facilitates a faster and smoother departure before the fire escalates. and at the initial stage of detection, the air is still safe to inhale.

The alternative is ionisation smoke alarms, which are an outdated system that actually detects the smoke from flames. This means that fire has already broken out—minimising the opportunity to escape without risk. The longer the fire has been burning, the more smoke will fill the air which impacts visibility and overall air quality. Deionno Electrical will help you make the right selection for your smoke detector installation Adelaide.

Additional Services Offered by the Deionno Electrical Team

In addition to smoke detector installation Adelaide, Deionno Electrical covers a wide range of electrical repairs and services. This includes fault finding and diagnostics for emergency remediation (e.g. outages & power-tripping), as well as a specialist focus on lighting.

Our lighting service goes beyond the standard installation. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor system solutions to optimise energy efficiency, style, and ensure the products meet your performance requirements in terms of ambience and lighting control. To date, we’ve delivered effective lighting solutions for:

  • Sports and recreation environments
  • Residencies of all scales (including multi-residential/STRATA)
  • Commercial premises like office spaces
  • Retail storefronts
  • Garden & outdoor patios (including sensor & security lighting) and more!

Whatever your requirements may be, our experts will help you with everything from supply and installation, to maintenance and repairs! Call Deionno Electrical on 0417 735 636 today.

For Your smoke detector installation Adelaide or any of your electrical services, call Deionno Electrical. We’re the team of experts you can trust to provide fast, affordable and dependable service right across Adelaide.

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