Off The Grid

At Deionno Electrical, we provide quality off-grid solar solutions that can suit your energy needs. Located in the heart of Adelaide’s metro area, our wide range of solar services ensures that with us, you can get a clean and efficient source of remote power regardless of your location.

Whether you have minimal or major energy requirements, our solar experts can help design an appropriate off grid solar package to suit your exact needs. Whether you are remote with limited or no access to mains power, or you are wanting to disconnect from the grid, we have a solution for you.

Avoid Unexpected Power Outages
Significant Reduction To Energy Costs
Fantastic Alternative For Rural Areas
Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable
Reliable, Stand-Alone Power Source

The Most important part of an off-grid system comes down to design, we are committed to the design process and will professionally isolate the exact requirements of your residence, recommend the correct products, and tailor up a system that suits your needs and offers you the most significant value for your money. When an off grid solar system is poorly designed you may experience reliability issues, costly and constant repairs as well as significantly short lifespan on the equipment. this is why engaging a local professional is essential.

At Deionno Electrical, we have the skills, equipment, and tools to choose the right size solar package for your premises, appropriately fit the equipment and offer fully compliant and safe installation. We understand that solar installation is a long-term investment for many home and business owners, therefore you can rest assured that the longevity and efficiency of your system is supported by the quality of system installed, and the workmanship and experience of our team.

Off The Grid

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an off-grid solar system reliable?

This can depend on several factors, such as the quality of the design and the components used. At Deionno Electrical, we only select from reputable brands of solar inverters, batteries, and solar panels, and all our products are made for life in Australia. Therefore, our off-grid services are very reliable.

What are the ongoing costs I should be aware of when installing an off-grid solar system?

Dependant on your system and the equipment used, we will provide you with a maintenance checklist with when your equipment should be serviced, some of this is DIY and some of this you will need to engage a solar professional.

Can I expand my system at a later date?

Expansion of your battery or solar system is dependant on the type of system you may have, expansion of new lithium type batteries and solar PV  can be incredibly easy. Expanding older battery chemistry’s can prove to be a bit more difficult

Can I run my usual household appliances?

Yes, here at Deionno Electrical we design systems to give you the same experience you would have if connected to the grid, with modern inverters and batteries you can work and live at home during the day as if you were connected to the grid.

what is the expected cost of an offgrid system?

The biggest concern Is how much power energy is required, small systems can range from $10,000 to $20,000 family homes from $25,000 to $50,000 and Large homes and commercial systems can be from $50,000 and up.

Do I need a specific number of batteries for my off-grid solar system to be efficient?

The number of batteries depends on your energy requirements: the lesser your energy use, the less the number of batteries you require. 

Are there rebates available for an off-grid solar system?

There are many incentives available for off-grid solar power intake. When you install an off-grid solar system within your premises, you will be provided with a Small Scale Technology Certificate. The value of this certificate depends on the size of your system and location. At Deionno Electrical, we can assist you in calculating the rebates.

Brands We Use

Brands We Use

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